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How to Select Shrimp

  • The price of shrimp per pound depends on the size — the bigger the shrimp, the higher the price and the fewer per pound.
  • When buying fresh shrimp for recipes, you’ll need to buy 1 1/2 pounds of raw shrimp in the shell for each pound of shelled shrimp you need.
  • When selecting shrimp, look for those that are moist and firm, have translucent flesh, and smell fresh.
  • Avoid those that have an ammonia smell and blackened edges or spots on the shells.
  • Since most of the shrimp available today has been previously frozen, always check it to see if thawed shrimp is firm and shiny. If purchased frozen, make sure it is frozen solidly and has no signs of freezer burn. Thaw frozen shrimp overnight in the refrigerator, or place under cold running water.



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