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Farm Raised Vs. Fresh Caught Wild Shrimp

Many people believe that farm raised shrimp and seafood is better for the environment over catching fresh out of the ocean, but the opposite is true. Fisheries often create a toxic negative impact and farm raises seafood can have higher levels of pesticides and pcb’s over it’s free range counter parts.  Overfishing is an enviormental threat and with disasters like the BP oil spil toxifying the waters, it can be a tough call overall which is better for you or which is more of a ‘green’ option.

But what matters most to chefs and seafood lovers is TASTE.  Is there a difference and if so, which tastes better?

Freshness matters.  Shrimp is often frozen quickly to avoid contimaination and for transport.  Unless you get wild freshly caught shrimp coming right off a boat or you catch it yourself, odds are any shrimp you buy will be or will have been frozen along it’s journey from the nets to your market.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that ‘fresh’ means unfrozen. Fresh means wild caught on a label, but other than that your number one concern is contamination – free so so smell and touch to gauge ‘freshness’.

The jury is in.  Freshly caught “wild” shrimp are Superior in flavor and are more nutritious (lower in fat, higher in protein and more rich in Omega 3 fatty acids) than farm-raised shrimp. Caught in their natural habitat, wild-caught shrimp contain fewer antibiotics and pollutants. Also wild shrimp are safer for the environment – wild-caught shrimp don’t create the “dead zones” in the ocean that farmed shrimp do.


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